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on January 7, 2016



Let me tell you a secret. I love doing laundry. It is the one household chore I look forward to doing. So when Young Living came out with Chemical Free laundry soap, that I didn’t have to make up my self in a big bucket (and if you know me you know I am NOT crafty…) I was the first person on my team to snatch up a few bottles at convention last summer, when it was announced and I haven’t looked back.


Laundry lamb



Now pair that up with my fabulous Wooly Balls for the dryer, I am stoked!
They shorten my dryer time, hypo-allergenic and eliminates the need for the chemical laden dryer sheets.

I love adding a few drops of Young Living Lavender Essential Oil to one of the wooly balls (6 total in my set), especially when I do a load of sheets or towels. For a clean, I feel like I am standing in a huge lavender field scent experience.



If you would like your own bottle of Young Living Lavender Essential Oil or the Thieves Laundry Detergent, click the hyper-links or head on over to my website at and check out all the healthy home products that Young Living offers or to purchase them at retail cost, if you are not a Young Living member. Want to save 24% on your order? Contact me and I will tell you how. I want you to love laundry too!
















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